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Summer Camp  

Summer Camp Organized by Our School Interact Club for Underprivileged Children

The Interact Club of DAV Centenary Public School Chander Nagar embarked on a heartfelt initiative to brighten the season for underprivileged children in our community. With the motto "Empower, Educate, Engage," our club organized a vibrant and enriching summer camp from 22nd May in the school , aimed at providing a nurturing and educational experience for children who face economic challenges. Art & Crafts, Music and Dance, English Conversation and Basic ICT Skills were taught by the Interactors under the guidance of the Teacher Incharge. 

The primary goal of our summer camp was to empower these children through a blend of educational activities and recreational opportunities. Each day began with interactive learning sessions that covered subjects ranging from basic literacy and numeracy to practical life skills. Volunteers from our Interact Club, alongside dedicated teachers and mentors, facilitated these sessions with enthusiasm and care, ensuring that every child received personalized attention and support.

 Many of the children showed remarkable progress in their newly acquired skills and personal development, demonstrating newfound confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

The success of this initiative has inspired our Interactors to continue  efforts in their journey of service and making a meaningful impact in the lives of others by supporting underprivileged children through ongoing educational programs and community outreach activities.  


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