D.A.V. Centenary Public School

D-Block, Chander Nagar, Ghaziabad - 201001 (C.B.S.E. Affiliation No. : 2130169, School Code : 60074)

Fee Structure  

Payment of Fee:

  1. The school office remains open on all days except 2nd Saturday, Sunday, gazetted holiday and restricted holiday approved by the Managing Committee.
  2. All the payment should be made in Cheque or bank draft at the fee counter in favour of “DAV Centenary Public School (A Unit OF DAVCT AND MS)”.
  3. If the cheque bounces Rs.500/- will be charged as penalty and in future payment will be accepted only through demand draft.
  4. Cash Payment will be received by bank only “Punjab & Sind Bank, A-18, Rampuri”.
  5. Last date of payment is 10th of the given month.  Rs.10/- per day will be charged as late fee after due date.
  6. School fee will not be accepted without the production of the fee bill. In case of misplace of bill, Rs. 20/- will be charged for a duplicate bill.
  7. Fee timings: 
    1. Monday to Saturday 8.30 am to 10.30 am at Fee counter (Except 2nd Saturday)
    2. Monday to Saturday 09.00am to 11.00am in Bank (No fee submission in bank on 2nd and 4th Saturday due to bank closure.)
  8. You can also make the fee payments through online by visiting our website https://student.iwsportal.com/
  9. If fee is not paid within a stipulated time the fine will be charged as mentioned above and after one month the name of the student will be struck off the rolls without any notice. Such student may be re-admitted after the payment of re-admission fee with usual late payment fine and that too after the permission of school authorities.
  10. Discontinuation of bus facility is not permissible in the middle of an academic session. Request for discontinuation for the next session must be submitted to the Bus Incharge by the 15th March positively. It may, however, be discontinued latest by 10th July, in case of transfer / change of address, after submitting an application to the bus in charge 15 days in advance.
  11. When a change of residence /bus route takes place, it should be reported to the school office immediately.



As per the Uttar Pradesh Self-Financed Independent Schools (Fixation of Fees)

Ordinance, 2018







  • Pre-School / Pre-Primary /  I

Rs. 69,600/-

  • II - V

Rs. 66,240/-


Rs. 71,520/-

  • IX-X  

Rs. 74,400/-

  • XI-XII

Rs. 67,560/-

(plus Lab charges of Rs.450/- per month for each practical subject (Bio/Phy/Chem/CS/IP) for classes XI-XII)


  • Transport fee (2023-24) - According to the Distance
  • Optional Charges – Olympiad, Examination, Sports Coaching, Excursions/ trips and Other Activities - as per actual.
  • The yearly fee payable in the current year will be charged monthly/bimonthly.
  •  However, the school authorities reserves its rights to change the fee structure in future as per the school policy and / or any guidelines issued by the Government Authorities.



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