D.A.V. Centenary Public School

D-Block, Chander Nagar, Ghaziabad - 201001 (C.B.S.E. Affiliation No. : 2130169, School Code : 60074)


The school imparts education in arts, language and sciences and the medium of instruction is english except in the teaching of Hindi, Sanskrit and Dharam Shiksha. Everything possible is done to improve the standard of written and spoken English. Instruction in various disciplines is carried out strictly as laid down by the CENTRAL BOARD of  SECONDARY EDUCATION (C.B.S.E). The’ three language formula’ as re- commended by the ministry of  HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT, Govt. of India has been adopted by the school. Accordingly, English and Hindi are being taught right from the nursery classes and Sanskrit is taught from class V onwards. Boys and girl in our school receive instruction in life sciences Mathematics, social studies and in sociably useful activities such as art & craft, Music, Dance, computer sciences, meal planning and gardening.

To build stamina and to ensure healthy physical growth of the student, games, athletics and physical drill are an integral part 
of the school program from nursery class onwards. The school has qualified and experienced physical education teachers on its staff and we also avail the services of qualified medical practitioners, special coaches and band instructors to ensure an all-round development of children.
The school lays great emphasis on formation of moral character and we strive to do by imparting lesson from the Vedas. Amongst other things, it inspires reverence for Indian thought and culture
in which narrow mindedness, materialism, caste and superstition have no place. In fact, our day begins with recitation of mantras from the Vedas and the national Anthem.

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 D.A.V. Centenary Public School
D-Block Chander Nagar,
Ghaziabad - 201011
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