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Open Source for class XII

How Does the Internet Work ?
SIMPLE explanation of how the internet really works. Understand networks, inter-networks, data packets, peering and internet exchanges. 
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Boolean Algebra for class XII Computer Science
Boolean Algebra for class XII computer science student of CBSE Part-1 Introduction to Boolean Algebra Part -2 Boolean Rules Part -3 Demorgan’s Law Part -4 Karnough Map  Continue Reading…

C++ Video tutorials for class XI & XII Students
This is the list of  C++ Video tutorials available on the internet. Just click on any one of them to see the video tutorial Part 1 : Introduction to C++ Part – 2 Basics of Algorithm covered in this tutorial are: – Algorithm,  Pseudocode, Comments , Basic Arithmetic Operations,  Type Conversion- Integer Division Part 3  Type Casting Topics covered in
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